Discover the ultimate relaxation with Mango, a strain celebrated for its sweet aroma and potent Indica effects. Perfect for unwinding, it’s a grower’s delight.

Lineage Mango Strain

The strain resulting from the cross between a Jack Herer x Big Skunk will produce a hybrid strain Mostly Indica. The strain will likely have a Mango, Sweet, Tropical flavor with a strong Mostly Indica body high.


It also has a Medium THC 20% – 22%, making it a great choice for those looking for a strong and relaxing experience.


The Mango strain is a cross between Jack Herer x Big Skunk, resulting in a strain with a Mango, Sweet, Tropical flavor, as well as potent Calming, relaxed, Sleepy effects and a combination of cannabis flower, cannabis concentrate, and terpenes.


The terpenes found in Mango are to include Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Pinene, Myrcene, which are known for their anxiety, depression, insomnia properties.


Mango Sativa Or Indica?

This strain leans heavily towards its Indica genetics, offering users a deeply relaxing and sedative experience. Known for its luscious, fruity aroma that mirrors its name, Mango is a favorite among those seeking to unwind after a long day.


Despite its Indica dominance, this strain can also spark a touch of creativity and uplifted mood, making it a versatile choice for both evening and night use.


Mango’s genetics are rooted in the Indica family, providing a strong foundation for its stress–relieving and pain-reducing effects. Users appreciate Mango for its ability to combat insomnia and anxiety, thanks to its potent Indica lineage.


Its popularity is further boosted by Mango feminized seeds, which allow growers to cultivate this soothing strain with ease, ensuring a steady supply of this aromatic and therapeutic bud.


Mango Effects

Is renowned for its powerful effects that soothe the body and calm the mind. Initially, users may feel a mild euphoria that gently transitions into deep physical relaxation. This strain’s effectiveness in alleviating stress and muscle tension makes it a go-to choice for those dealing with chronic pain or looking to relax after a taxing day.


The mental clarity and uplifted spirits it can induce also make Mango a versatile strain that can help with anxiety without leading to heavy sedation.


The beauty of the Mango strain lies in its balanced effects, providing relief and a sense of well-being without overpowering sedation. This makes it an excellent choice for evenings or lazy days where relaxation is the goal, but not at the expense of total couch-lock.


With Mango feminized seeds available, enthusiasts can easily grow this strain, ensuring access to its comforting effects and delicious flavor profile.


Germinating Cannabis Seeds – Mango Seeds

To ensure a successful start for your Mango Feminized cannabis seeds, it’s crucial to germinate them with care. Blimburn Seeds suggests a straightforward and effective method for awakening your seeds.


Firstly, maintain the seeds’ integrity by avoiding direct contact with your hands, as the natural PH and bacteria can harm them. Utilize sterilized gloves or tweezers, along with two clean plates or a sealed container, and unscented paper towels moistened with distilled water.


Here’s a summarized germination guide:


Moisten a paper towel, lay it on a plate, and evenly space your Mango Mostly Indica Feminized seeds on it. Cover with another damp towel, then secure with a second plate or close the container.

Keep the setup in a warm area, ideally between 70-90°F, ensuring the towels remain moist by checking every few hours.

patiently wait for 24-120 hours for the seeds to sprout, keeping a record of the germination process for any necessary claims.

Blimburn Seeds guarantees germination within three months, noting that seeds involved in promotions, coupons, or BOGO offers may not qualify for this assurance.


Mango Flowering Time

Flowering time is typically around 8 to 10 weeks when grown indoors, which is fairly standard for Indica-dominant hybrids. This relatively short flowering period is ideal for cultivators looking to harvest quickly without sacrificing quality or yield.


The strain is known for producing dense, resinous buds that exude a sweet, tropical fragrance, making the wait all the more worthwhile.


Outdoor growers will find that Mango is ready for harvest in late September to early October. Its resilience to common pests and molds, combined with its robust Indica genetics, makes Mango a hearty and rewarding strain for cultivators of all experience levels.


Whether grown indoors or out, Mango feminized seeds ensure a bountiful harvest of potent, aromatic buds, making it a rewarding experience for both novice and seasoned growers alike.


How To Grow Weed – Mango Strain?

Mango Feminized seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors – under optimal conditions, to avoid any problems during their development. Although they are compact and robust, moderately easy to grow and hardy, we should always prevent any pests.


You can use different growing methods to retain and enhance the terpenes and flavors of your Feminized Mango buds.


Use a quality substrate. Perlite, peat or coco coir are ideal for moisture retention.

Thanks to the experience of our customers with our Feminized seeds Mango, we know that we can increase yields up to 20%.

For optimal indoor cultivation, Blimburn Seeds advises wide, vertical spaces and the use of the ScrOG method to obtain a uniform plane and increase the size of the lower flowers. If you plan to grow our Feminized seeds outdoors, we have developed a grow guide for optimal cultivation in any area of the world. Marijuana seeds for sale.


Remember that our cannabis plants also need good nutrients when our Feminized seeds are seedlings, in their vegetative period and finally in their flowering period.


When you grow cannabis seeds outdoors, choose the best date for your crop, a place where our cannabis plants receive the most hours of sunshine.


If on the other hand you like to grow your Feminized seeds indoors and you have good tents, textile pots for growing, led lighting, air extractor, to circulate clean air and of course a good carbon filter to avoid problems with neighbors or the law.


Keep daytime temperatures between 68℉-80℉ and nighttime temperatures between 7℉-9℉ cooler.


Mango Feminized plants need low humidity to thrive. Keep relative humidity (RH) levels at 55%-60% during the vegetative phase. reduce RH to around 40% during the flowering phase. By harvest time, you can reduce RH to 30%.


Outdoors, breeders in the northern hemisphere should sow their cannabis seeds in April for harvest in mid-October. Healthy Feminized Mango produce about 21 – 24 oz/plant | 600 – 700 gr/plant of buds each.


Indoors, these crops have a flowering time of 8 – 10 weeks and produce about 1.31 – 1.64 oz/ft2 | 400 – 500 gr/m2.


What Does The Mango Smell Like?

The buds of the Mango are rock hard, soaked in resin and often have a crystalline sheen due to the amount of trichomes. They almost look like they came out of the moon and are excessively covered with resinous trichomes. The taste and flavor can be described as the perfect blend of Mango, Sweet, Tropical.


Mango makes a delicious soft smoke and combines a wide range of effects while a strong and relaxing experience. It´s rare genes produce a premium weed that is hard to beat. Thanks to its large resin production, it is the ideal strain for the production of high-quality extracts and concentrates. A good terpene profile enhances the flavors of the buds of cannabis plants. Terpenes are volatile organic compounds that are produced in the cannabis plant and have an effect on the aroma and flavor of the buds. The most common terpenes are Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Pinene, Myrcene.


These terpenes act as a kind of energizer for the flavors of the buds, as they add a fresh, citrusy touch to the sweeter flavors found in the buds. On the other hand, terpenes also have an effect on the effect that cannabis produces when smoked, as some terpenes have sedative properties, while others can act as stimulants. For this reason, it is important to know the different terpenes found in a given cannabis strain before smoking it, in order to get the most out of the flavors and effects they produce.


Experiencing The Mango Strain

Mango is one of the best marijuana strains available in our catalog with more than 950 strains. An herb with a Medium THC of 20% – 22% that gives us a state of happiness, concentration and relaxation. Its powerful terpene profile where Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Pinene, Myrcene stand out with a higher percentage.

This mostly Mostly Indica marijuana is considered one of the most potent within the cannabis community. Mango is the perfect strain to relax, but it will also take you to a state of happiness and concentration. It can make anyone feel cheerful and happy.


Mango is perfect to consume in the evening after a long day. It is a marijuana plant with Mostly Indica structure. A large stem that supports its satellite branches and that we can grow both indoors and outdoors, obtaining a similar production but with a higher yield when it is fed with all the hours of sunshine outdoors.


Our Mango seeds are a Mostly Indica strain that has a flowering period of 8 – 10 weeks. Remember that in each period of cultivation of our marijuana plant it is important to provide it with the corresponding nutrients to obtain resinous buds and trichomes.


Enjoy a unique experience and buy Feminized seeds Mango in our online seed bank,


Mango Terpenes

Anxiety relief: Caryophyllene is the terpene that should predominate because it reduces anxiety and depression and provides a state of relaxation. It is present in the aromas of spices, pepper and oregano.


Depression relief: The appearance of the terpenes Caryophyllene and Linanool is a trigger for the reduction of depressive symptoms. Helps to have a great day. It is present in Spicy, Peppery, Oregano, Floral, Lavender, Mint, Cinnamon and Coriander.


Sleepy relief: The combination of terpenes such as Myrcene, Terpineol and in high percentage Linalool provides us with a sedentary and sleepy state.


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