Auto Skywalker Haze®


Sex:  Autoflowering seeds

Type: Sativa

Genetics: Skywalker Haze x Auto Amsterdam Amnesia

From seed to harvest: 12 Week

Harvest: XXL

THC: Extremely High

Why should I buy Auto Skywalker Haze feminised seeds?

• Auto Skywalker Haze is a very potent autoflower with a sky-high THC percentage averaging between 20-25%

• In addition to a very potent cannabinoid profile, this Sativa dominant auto also has a strong terpene profile with mainly lemony haze notes

• Auto Skywalker Haze is easy to grow and takes an average of around 12 weeks to fully mature from seed to harvest

• In addition to a very potent effect, this Sativa autoflower also produces a large yield, being medium to large plants with XXL potential

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