Nova OG


Number of seeds


The taste




Yield at home

450 – 550 gr/m2

Yield outside

550-700 g/plant

Plant height

200 cm


8 Week


9 Week




Nova OG x Crossed & Backcrossed Then Stabilised

მცენარის ზომა





Sativa 20%/Indica 80%


Anesia Seeds

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Nova OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Anesia Seeds

Anesia Seeds has worked tirelessly for 2 years to bring you the Nova OG as Feminized seeds. This strain is currently one of the most potent on earth, boasting a THC content of over 32%. Anesia Seeds received an elite cut directly from Canada and crossed, backcrossed, and stabilized this outstanding strain.


The union of renowned genetics such as skunk, haze, and kush provides a strain of great resistance and incredible internodal structure, which allows the development of large flowers in an open structure. This improved air circulation and prevents fungal invasions. The resulting strain shows percentages of 20% sativa and 80% indica, developing as an indica with robust lateral branching and large pyramidal flowers.

Appearance and Plant Structure

Anesia Seeds’ Nova OG seeds produce plants with a medium growth profile. They can develop satisfactorily in any type of growing medium, but they can showcase their full potential when grown outdoors, as there are no space constraints. Nova OG responds well to cultivation techniques such as SCROG and thrives in sunny places. According to the bank, it requires a high nutrient supply through specialized fertilizers for each stage of development. Indoors, it can reach 90-120 cm, while outdoors, it can stretch up to 150-200 cm.


Nova OG is ideal for indoor growing, but it also shows extraordinary results in sunny outdoor conditions. It is a perfect plant for Scrogging and requires a high amount of fertilizers. With proper care, the yields are about 500-550 g per sq m or 650 g per plant outdoors. At least 8-9 weeks of flowering are necessary to obtain a harvest of ripe and mature flowers.

Aroma and Taste

One of the strong points of the Nova OG from Anesia Seeds is the aroma of its flowers. You can appreciate an Arabic fragrance, perhaps with citrus notes. The smoke, dense, sinuous, and persistent, displays the terpenoid profile of the variety, with sweet flavors of caramel toffee and spices such as cloves, sometimes giving a slightly spicy finish.


The Nova OG from Anesia Seeds has an overwhelming THC percentage of 32%. Such a concentration of the psychoactive cannabinoid can be too much even for the most experienced growers. A cautious and delicate approach is recommended. The influence of the psychoactive can be felt only ten seconds after the first puff, first in the eyes and in the smile. The effect on the nervous system induces euphoria, hilarity, and concentration, leaving the physical body immersed in a deep relaxation, which can leave the grower stranded on the nearest couch for several hours if the dosage is not adequate.

StonersBay Opinion

Nova OG from Anesia Seeds is a strain with good production, excellent taste, and a truly wild THC percentage. It can be recommended to those outdoor growers who can take advantage of its qualities to maximize harvests. Those growers who love resin, extracts, and concentrates can also dare with it.

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